Questions to Ask ...

When a recruiter calls .. 


  • How did you find me? 
  • Is this a retainer or contingency assignment? 
  • Are you dealing with the client’s HR people or do you have 
    direct contact with the hiring manager? 
  • How long has the client been with you? 
  • How many candidates have you placed with this client? 
  • When will I find out the name of the principal or client company? 
  • May I have a written job description? 
  • Where is the position located? 
  • Where is the company headquartered? 
  • To whom does the position report? 
  • Can you tell me about this executive’s management 
  • Why is the position open? 
  • What happened to the person who previously held this position? 
  • Is this a new position? 
  • How long has the position been open? 
  • How long have you been working on the assignment? 
  • What does the position pay? 
  • Are here any pay or compensation constraints that I 
    should take into consideration? 
  • What can you tell me about the person who will be interviewing me? 
  • What is his or her position, title, management style? 
  • Who will make the final hiring decision? 
  • After you present my resume, when can I expect to 
    hear from you regarding the status of this position? 
  • Can you describe, specifically, how the company navigates
    /balances work? and personal-life issues? 
  • What might I do that would violate the culture of the
     company during my interview? 

    Can you really afford the risk ... ?? 
     Mohit Sah
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Mohit Sah
ERP Expert