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This is a place where you all can download some interesting e-books which help you in solving your career puzzle and will help you understand the HIRING game.
With these books you can hone your complete career portfolio and present yourself in a better way i.e what employers look for in a candidate before hiring.

** All books are the sole property of the publishers and writers .. !!
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Interview Preperation Guide(download)

Step by Step guide to manoeuver the interview in your favour ... !!

Resume FACTS
Resume Builder(download)

This report covers the Best Practices while designing your professional resume.

How to Sell Yourself(download)
How to Win a Six Figure Salary(download)
Think & Grow Rich(download)

Ultimate Guide to Interview Questions(download)
"The best ever book on this subject"

The Guide includes over 137 intelligent and effective job interview answers, 11 closing "power statements" that ask for the job, 43 questions for you to use to uncover the interviewer's hidden needs, 13 desirable behavioral competencies hiring managers look for, how to create and use your own winning S.T.A.R. statements to "package & spin" your work experience, and a special section on Behavioral Interviewing and surviving harsh "stress interviews." Basically everything you need to know to ace your interview and confidently ask for the job.

Managing Virtual Teams(download)

Managing Virtual Teams: Getting the Most From Wikis, Blogs, and Other Collaborative Tools

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