With the volatility in the IT Industry and its economy, our industry faces new obstacles. Companies are downsizing, cutting costs, and exhibiting a general apathy towards recruiters. So it is of utmost important that their skills and attitudes have to be honed in a highly favorable job order environment. The market is changing and recruiters have to keep sight of their people skills and need to make calls and their reliance on the internet has be compounded to make them effective.

Learn to communicate with Job Seekers. It may seem at once like common sense and counter to your company’s interests, but maximizing communication with job-seekers, developing relationships even with people you might not hire, and in general being gracious to prospects are easy tools for business success. It’s important to remember that a recruiter is often an applicant’s first contact with your company, so it’s incredibly important for that “face” of your company to be a smiling one. The reason it’s so important is because each applicant is not merely a job-seeker but also a potential customer, partner, investor, and evangelist.

In a world where a lot of people inside of companies have simply forgotten how to treat others the right way, the recruiter who approaches his or her relationships with graciousness… introduces another way to help differentiate the company over time.

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Mohit Sah
ERP Expert